Honoring a Life |

Our Mission

Honoring a Life's primary goal is to give back to the environment whilst providing practical and personalized memorial gifts. We are fortunate to work side-by-side with an outstanding network of funeral professionals with whom we share a like-minded view of service and environmental sustainability. When coupled with the reach of our forestry partners, we are able to make a difference on a massive scope. Our goal is to be able to provide this thoughtful service in every community and as such we invite you to sign up for Honoring a Life if your funeral home does not currently offer it.

Giving Back to Nature

The simplicity and sanctity of nature are ongoing themes of the Honoring a Life Memorial Tree Program. In order to carry out these values, we leave it up to our forestry professional partners to decide where reforestation is needed most and have our memorial trees planted there. In most cases, these trees are planted in remote forests in the province, state, or territory of your choice. We strongly believe that this is the best way to achieve the peace and sanctity which you are likely seeking for your loved ones. Being in a forested location will also ensure that the tree lasts for many years to come, which is not always the case in a city park. Because of this, it is not often possible for individuals to visit their specific tree, but you can take comfort in the thought that you have played your part in completing the circle of life.

small tree in hands

Our Dedication to Service

Despite the broad reach of this program, we aim to provide you with the best individual experience possible. We work closely with the funeral professionals who offer this program, being the service experts that they are, to ensure we are operating as best we can. We strive to mimic the great service which these funeral homes provide and offer our program as an extension of their established customer care. We understand the significance behind each individual gesture of having a memorial tree planted, and we have multiple measures in place to make sure the process is carried out with efficiency and care.

Each tree is planted where deemed most needed by regional conservation societies. This ensures your memorial tree is reaching its full potential in giving back to the Earth. As a final measure, we are given an annual report from our forestry partners which outlines the specifics of the memorial trees planted that year.